I’m running because I believe the Illinois Democratic Party should welcome Progressive Candidates.

We should make sure various viewpoints are represented within the party. This will allow voters to have a choice, letting the voters choose which candidate they prefer. The Party should represent the people, not special interests. Elections are won when we address the concerns of voters, not when we bow to the influence of wealthy donors.

We should listen to Grassroots Democrats and address the concerns of those who volunteer for the party. Volunteers know the voters best, so they should have a voice in the party.

I will help candidates in my district and connect with local parties about where most help is needed.

We need more transparency. I will report back to every county in my district what is happening after each meeting in Springfield. At our State Central Committee Meetings before making important party decisions we should have open democratic deliberations. Our party should present a platform at the state convention and support candidates who uphold our platform and are true public servants to their constituents.