A voice for the people, not the special interests.

I’m Art Bardsley, and I’m running for Winnebago County Board district 17.

I support:

A Public bank for Winnebago County

  • will save our county millions
  • can potentially lower our county deficit
  • allows for lower property taxes
  • allows for some student debt relief for county taxpayers
  • can streamline help for local family farmers
  • makes it easier for small businesses to get started

Extending Amtrak to Rockford

  • making sure the train stays on the right track
  • use local businesses (not Chicago)
  • use local labor (not Chicago)

Reducing the effects of Climate Change

We must do our part to reduce the effects in our county. I will fight for increased:

  • home energy improvements
  • solar
  • wind
  • river generation of electricity
  • mattress recycling

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